About | Paul 1889


The first PAUL bakery opened in the French city of Lille in 1889, since then the bakery-confectionery under this name has already conquered 47 countries and operates in the UK, USA, Belgium, Japan and many other countries. Every morning, more than 720 bakeries around the world bake the freshest croissants. In Uzbekistan, the first bakery was opened in 2019.

Among the main principles of the PAUL family house, which ensure its long–term and worldwide popularity, is the continuity of generations, the highest quality of ingredients and finished Goods. For more than 130 years, "French" bread has been a religion for our brand, and the passion and need for good Goods has been passed down for five generations. The recipe does not tolerate compromises: the selection of ingredients, freshness, impeccable design of showcases – all this is fundamentally important for us. We always guarantee quality, pursuing one main goal: to meet the needs of the guest as much as possible.

Welcome to PAUL and ... bon appetit!